Cirkus Public Request Forms

Public Request Forms

We’re thrilled to announce the introduction of our new Public Requests Forms feature!

Now, you can effortlessly submit work requests to Cirkus even without a Cirkus login, streamlining the process for both internal and external collaborators.

What the new Public Request Forms mean for your team:

Effortless Submission: No more barriers! Submit project or booking requests with ease, making it simpler for both your internal and external clients to communicate their needs.
Full Specifications: Receive detailed work specifications directly through the configurable form. This ensures that your teams get a clear understanding of the requirements, reducing the chances of misunderstandings and rework.
Seamless Collaboration: Empower your teams by passing on the submitted requests to them directly within Cirkus as Tasks, Projects and Bookings. Enhance communication and efficiency by having all project-related information centralized within Cirkus.

What are Cirkus Request Forms?

Cirkus Public Request Forms are online web forms to submit requests for Bookings, Tasks or Projects.

They can be set up by your Workspace Admin to cover a wide range of submissions, including Resource Booking Requests, new Client Project Requests, Support Tickets and Deliverable Task / Media Order Requests.

Cirkus Workspace Administrators have full control of the fields and conditions which are shown in all Forms, and these are controlled by the settings of the Template.

What’s different about Public Requests ?

Workspace Administrators can make Task, Booking or Project Templates available as Requests. Before this feature, any requestor needed to login to Cirkus to submit a request, now Admins can select if their templates can be submitted by
1. Workspace Members,
2. NEW: Authenticated Enterprise users (Private cloud only), or
3. NEW:  Anyone with a link to the Public Form.

Learn more about how to set up Requests

Learn more about how to set up and configure templates for Requests in or Booking, Task and Project Request Support articles.

If you already have Requests setup, check our Public Request article to learn how it works.

By Michelle Griffin

March 18, 2024


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