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 Streamlining tasks has been a huge support as we can auto assign tasks as needed.

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Type:  SendMe Tasks is a virtual assistance and marketing company, assisting clients from all different industries. From design, finance, real estate, coaching, photography…You name it, we’ve probably done it!

Our Virtual Assistants have 30+ years experience in a wide range of administrative areas to support you 100% in building your business’ success. We specialise in day to day administration, customer service centric assistance, social media marketing, web design and video creation.

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“We struggled to keep track of clients tasks. Sometimes we get small tasks but other times we got larger projects. It was hard to see the statuses of each client along with keeping track to make sure we didn’t miss anything.”


“We’ve still got some hiccups, but needed reoccurring tasks to help streamline the process. Thankfully Cirkus was a great alternative to Trello with a better price point for growth. Streamlining tasks has been a huge support as we can auto assign tasks as needed.”

By Michelle Griffin

January 11, 2021


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Use Cirkus to reduce stress and keep your projects on track, files in order, and communications together in one place with your team. Progress starts now, and it’s free to signup and try.