What’s New in Cirkus – October 2022

New Options for Subtasks in Task List

We have added new filtering options for Subtasks in the Task lists.

The following settings are available

  • Off: No Subtasks are shown in the list
  • Nested: Subtasks are always shown nested under their parent Task, regardless of the filter or sort applied.
  • Independent: Subtasks are sorted and filtered independently, and are not shown under their parent.

Find out more about working with Task filters 


Advanced Search: Relative Dates

In Advanced Search you can now add searches for dates relative to the current one e.g. “within last 30 days”, ” within next 1 week”.

This will mean you can save these searches to more easily reuse them each time you need to do a query for upcoming Tasks or recently completed ones.

Advanced Search


Find out more about working with Advanced Search


Contact List Management

Your Contacts contains a list of all the people you have invited directly to Cirkus, or you have collaborated with.

Members of this list are suggested for invitations and assignments.

If you are no longer collaborating with a particular person, you can now remove them from your Contacts list.

Click on Edit and Remove Contact on web, and right click on the contact on Cirkus mac to see the new options.

Find out more about working with Contacts


And Coming Soon...

🎁 Project Requests! A new way to gather Requests for Projects or Campaigns! Including Approver process and creation of Projects from templates when approver.

🎁 Saved Workspace Searches: Soon you will be able to save your Searches and share them with your team.

🎁  Further improvements to the Task list, more options for Grouping and Sorting… including By Priority.

As always let us know at support@wp.cirkus.com if you have feedback on existing, new or upcoming features. We truly love to hear from you.

By Michelle Griffin

October 27, 2022


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