Cirkus + farmerswife


We’ve got you covered

Cirkus + farmerswife is the end-to end solution for task collaboration, and powerful financial management. 

Push your budget items as tasks to Cirkus and get work delivered.

Kick off a Cirkus project with predefined tasks from farmerswife.

Work in Cirkus and sync back to farmerswife for invoicing and reporting.


A Collaboration Portal

Make it easy for your team to see what needs to be done in Cirkus.

Report completion and time spent in a simple native iOS, macOS or web clients.

Gather task and booking demands for your team, and channel them to projects and forecasts.

See the status of completion directly from farmerswife.

Evolution, the way forward

Cirkus is an elegant and simple day to day task collaboration tool for teams.

While farmerswife is the proven engine for complex projects and financial management demands.

Together, farmerswife and Cirkus solve your company’s needs, end to end.

Join the evolution

farmerswife solo

Our sister product, farmerswife is designed for media professionals in production, post-production, broadcasting, equipment rental, agencies, and education.

It can also be used as a full standalone solution with desktop, web and iOS apps.

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