Cirkus Free Forever

Get a premium account
for free, forever

It’s how you can get a Cirkus account that has all the features of our paid Pro accounts for free, forever.

Yep–you can earn yourself all the features that paid accounts have and lock it in for life! Plus, extra storage space. 

Cirkus Free Forever accounts are just like our Pro accounts, except organizations/teams are limited to 20 people. Enjoy all our paid features included in Pro accounts, and 10GB of storage space, forever.

Free Forever accounts have:

  • All future features, even paid-only ones such as reporting and scheduling
  • 10GB file storage per user (opposed to 3GB in free accounts)
  • Limit of 20 organization/team members

No problem! You can purchase more subscriptions to accommodate any size team. 

Invite three people who sign up and use Cirkus, and we will automatically upgrade your account.

Or, invite new people to Cirkus by assigning a task to them, or adding them to a project or organization as a member.

No catch, just a way for us to reward people who like to share and who help the world know about Cirkus.

We will always have a free option to use Cirkus, but our free accounts will no longer offer all the same features as paid accounts next year.

Yes! Cirkus Free Forever accounts will have all our forthcoming paid features included. Things like reporting, ad-hoc custom fields, scheduling and more over the coming months and years. Still not convinced? Write us!

Cirkus and farmerswife SL reserve the right to change, extend or end the Cirkus Free Forever program at any time and for any reason and without prior notice. 

Users who falsify new accounts or otherwise game the offer by achieving referrals with fake or falsified accounts will not receive Cirkus Free Forever. 


Get Cirkus Free Forever and save $150 per year