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cirkus, Scheduling and Task Collaboration

Cirkus is THE tool we were searching for many years. It combines the different functionalities of multiple other planning tools in one single place, making communication easy and workflows transparent. A must have.

Carsten Schuffert


With Cirkus we can use any platform and synchronize our data with our team and external partners. Fluent interaction within seconds, data storage, sharing options, task management and reporting. All of this in one tool!

Carl Kuehn

Hacker Motors

Cirkus is like a giant box with different drawers, holding space for every piece and bit, organizing our overflowing emails, documents, scripts and records.

Tobias Fleig

MPS Sonnenstudio

A farmerswife evolution

Over 20 years experience in scheduling and resource management solutions

Together, Cirkus and farmerswife offer an end-to-end solution for your projects

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Schedule, assign and manage projects

Bring clarity to your plans, and task ownership to your team

Track status and report time

Collaborate with anyone

Coordinate resources, collaborate and  share files in one central hub

Create custom templates

Reuse your successful workflows and instantly improve efficiency

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